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Breakthrough Software Ensures Safe Journey for Life-Saving Organs

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The robust attributes of the requirements established through Kapture® play a pivotal role in the development process:

• They are clear and concise which facilitates seamless communication with verification process developers and certifiers.

• The inherently verifiable nature of these requirements simplifies the verification process.

• By pre-emptively avoiding common pitfalls in requirements development, significant costs are saved down the line.

• Quick incorporation and validation of requirement changes become feasible.

The use of ModelWorks® showed that it was possible to discover conflicts in requirements that had previously passed reviews

The D-RisQ ModelWorks® tool then enters the scene, scrutinizing design elements in tools like Simulink®/Stateflow® against the stipulated requirements. This method ensures a formal, exhaustive check that either confirms the design's compliance with requirements or highlights areas of deviation. Moreover, this output can generate samples of automatic code, streamlining the coding process.

Incorporating autocode generated using dSPACE's TargetLink® autocoder and the CLawZ® source code verification product from the D-RisQ Toolsuite, the project successfully showed the efficacy of the Kapture® tool through the initial development of High Level Requirements by ScubaTx, with the design step-alone showing issues in the way requirements were expressed which, in some cases, made verification impossible. The use of Modelworks® showed that it was possible to discover conflicts in requirements that had previously passed reviews. Both outcomes provided a clear path to the adoption of formal methods-based tools in delivering software to the highest levels of software assurance at affordable cost and in lesser timescales.

The collaboration between D-RisQ Ltd. and ScubaTx stands as a beacon of hope in the world of medical technology. Through the adept utilization of advanced software design tools, they are crafting a future where life-saving organs receive the respect and care they deserve during transportation and their viability for an extended period of time. This breakthrough not only ensures the safety of organs but also opens doors to expedited development timelines and enhanced cost efficiency. As we march toward this new era, the journey of organs will be marked by unwavering assurance, transforming the landscape of medical device safety.

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